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Member Contacts

The following list contains all of the current members of the Cincinnati Bulldog Club.  Some of the names contain links to these individuals personal pages or email address.

Palmer and Tracy Addison
Bill Andre
Ken Bowman
Barbara and Michael Braun
Gene Brown
Mildred Childress
Ruth Cummings
Diane Dillmore
Dennis and Carla Ehnholt
Helen Gable
Sharon Gates
Denise Hackman
Lee and Sue Harbula
Alicia Herbert
Rick & Darlene Hixson
Fritz & Sharon Holl
Phyllis Huff
Nancy Jillerat
Liz & Dan Karshner
Lori & Ron Klopfenstein
Janet Klopp
Chris & Brian Knopf
Connie, Joe & Tori Koch
Betsy Leugers
Angie Malicote
Carl & Melissa McNamara
Holly Marcus
Rick & Donna Mouser
Robin & Claybourne Reid
Ruth Richardson
Robin Russell & Charles Esch
Sonny & Leslie Robertson
Samantha Schultz
Karen Schweizer
Delmar Shackleford
Tracy Snyder
Beverly & Mike Staley
Michael & Debbie Steding
Jim & Julie Supple
Buddy & Karen Sweatt
Laura Thomson
Courtney Thurman
Lori & Tom Walker
John & Sharon Zakar